Fuel tank capacity:
  6.500 L ( made from stainless steel)
Solution tank capacity:
  65 L barrel internal coated with epoxy phynolic to resist chemical reactions.
The solution tank removable for cleaning and maintenance purposes.
 staring electrically by air pump ( 12 v dc)
 by 12v dc battery  ( not included).also can be equipped with cigarettes lighter socket to use the truck plug .( up to client desire)
Droplet size:
 from 0 up to 50 micron.
Performance of combustion chamber:
 approx. 52 hp ( 38.25 kw) 33375  kcal/h
Weight (empty):
 45 kegs. (without turn table )
 lx w x h 195x 75 x 65 cm
Flow rate:
 1) for oil based formulations: 0-105 l / h approx.
 2) for water based formulations: 0 - 50 l/ h approx.
Remote control panel with remote cable length 3
The unit is equipped by solution suction pump 12 v dc (safety factor as no fear from solution follow in case of sudden stopping, if happened petrol circuit blockage or finishing petrol tank meanwhile fogging function.