Fuel tank capacity :
6.500 L. (made from Stainless Steel)
Solution tank capacity :
62.500 L (made from stainless steel) easy to remove for cleaning and maintenance purposes.
Ignition :
By 4x1.5v dry battery D size (not included).
Starting manual by air pump (manual actuated) droplet size: from 0 up to 50 micron.
Performance of combustion chamber :
Approx. 52 hp ( 38.25 kw) 32750 kcal/h.
Weight (empty) :
45 kegs. (without turn table ).
Dimensions :
l x w x h = 195 x 75 x 65 cm The standard unit is equipped with pneumatic cut off device as a safety device to control solution follow in emergency cases like finished petrol during unit running or blockage of petrol circuit meanwhile fogging. The unit can be equipped with turn table to adapt fogging in all directions.( option).
Flow rate :
1) For oil based formulations: 0-105 l / h approx.
2) For water based formulations: 0 - 40 l/ h approx.